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DISC Hiring Report

The Hire Tool is just what it says – a hire tool. Tools are only as good as you learn them and apply them where appropriate. A tool can be misused if one does not know the proper way to use it.

Rising Star’s Hire Tool gives you a full picture of who a potential applicant really is. We all know how to adapt our personality to the moment. Many people apply for a position and they transform themselves into what they think the employer is looking for in a new hire. Later after they are employed they turn out to be someone other than what their impression led the employer to believe they were hiring. This might take days or even weeks but eventually the new hire’s real personality will surface.

Rising Star’s Hire Tool does not tell you who to hire for what position. We leave that up to you as the expert. You know who you need and what you are looking for. We just give you a clear picture of who is applying for your available position. The Hire Tool shows you how an applicant will act and react. It also shows you what level of action or reaction you can expect from them.

Rising Star’s Hire Tool is a one page report that is sent directly to your computer using your email address. It is an easy understandable Chart that is quick to read. The report is usually sent within 24 hours or less after your potential applicant takes the on-line survey.

You may purchase the Hire Tool in singles, packs of five or ten depending on your need. The Hire Tool has no expiration date. You are required to go through our Introductive Session for a quick training on how to read your Hire Tool.

Here is what other employers are saying about Rising Star’s Hire Tool…

"As an Agent, it has allowed me to hire new team members with the personality that best suites the position that we are looking for." – Noah LaBauve, State Farm Insurance Agent

"We now require all of our new hires to complete the DISC profile… The benefit is that we use the profile information to motivate the individuals and ensure they fit in quickly with the crews." – David Teverbaugh, EMT-P Assistant Fire Chief of Porter Fire Department

"I particularly like using the DISC hiring tool to help me determine if the candidate I am interviewing is suited for the type of role I am placing them in and how they will interact with the team." – Brian Burklow, State Farm Insurance Agent
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