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DISC with Prism Lights

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Level One - My DISC Profile

This level is designed to help us learn more about ourselves and others, and discover how we can really enjoy working and interacting together.

Objectives for Level One: Complete an accurate DISC style analysis. Gain a basic introduction to DISC patterns and action blends. Describe my actions and reactions in the Prism trait Continuums. Recognize my priorities in decision making.

Level Two - Effective Communication

When we have a decision you have to communicate what you have decided and often you need to communicate with others who will be affected by your decision. How will you communicate effectively?

Objectives for Level Two: Recognize natural action patterns, needs, fears and responses. Define how I can communicate with another's style. Overcome barriers in my communication style. Find value in another's action pattern.

Level Three - True Leadership

Everyone has influence with one or more other people, so each of us has the ability to lead someone in some way. How do you lead naturally? How can you increase your self awareness to become a more effective leader?

Objectives for Level Three: Learn how to adapt your style to relate to your followers. Define your expectations and compare them to other styles. Evaluate how you can lead beyond personal differences. Recognize the traits of true leadership that are natural strengths for you.

Level Four - Dynamic Teams

Teams are hot topics today, and with good reason. Self awareness can help you understand yourself and relate to others more effectively. As we learn about another person's personality and preferences, we can learn to adapt and interact more effectively with them. Working in a team multiplies this interaction among all the members, so we have a complex situation whenever a group of people must work together. How can we make dynamic teams?

Objectives for Level Four: Recognize your unique abilities and role in a team. Define your strengths and the strengths of your team members. Evaluate your communication skills and how you respond to others. Recognize how you can enhance or impede team performance.
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