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Andy As a result of the Rising Star P.E.O.P.L.E. Concepts workshops our staff has become a more cohesive team to assist our members in growing their businesses. The four workshops made us more aware of our individual personalities, how we can interact more effectively, enhance our own leadership skills and truly become a team. Through the workshops we confirmed our differences and learned how to effectively use those differences as assets in performing our individual duties. The DISC profile is a great tool that can easily and effectively give each member of your team a clear understanding of why they are the way they are. Each of us are different and if we surround ourselves with others just like us it will be really tough to accomplish much. Knowing these personality traits and being able to recognize them will greatly enhance our effectiveness in the future.

If you are looking for a informative and well organized workshop I would encourage you to contact Gary Southard and Rising Star P.E.O.P.L.E. Concepts. You won’t be disappointed.

Andy Dill, President
Community Chamber Of Commerce EMC
OFFICE: (281) 354-0051
EMAIL: AndyDill@CommunityChamberEMC.com
WEBSITE: www.CommunityChamberEMC.com
Mission "To promote the economic well being and quality of life of East Montgomery County"
   Brian We have used DISC training for all of our supervisors and staff. Since we work twenty-four hour shifts the time spent together as a crew is greater than most professions. This means more opportunities to use the personality training. We find we have fewer problems and greater productivity since we have started using DISC. Supervisors use the profiles to create better more diverse teams. These teams are able to use their strengths and weaknesses to create a better synergistic effort. That effort means more lives saved, more property preserved, and greater safety for team members. It is a winning situation all of the way around. We now require all of our new hires to complete the DISC profile and we share this information with the supervisors. The benefit is that we use the profile information to motivate the individuals and ensure they fit in quickly with the crews. If you need a cohesive team, then you need Rising Star.

David Teverbaugh, EMT-P
Assistant Fire Chief
Porter Fire Department
Porter, TX
Erin Since taking the DISC Personality Profile workshops, I have gained a huge advantage in my communication skills. It has taught me alot about myself and the reason why I do things a certain way. It has also taught me how to read other people, how to better predict what their actions will be and how to talk to them in a more effective way. I highly recommend these workshops to anyone that has or ever had communication barriers with people. God has given us all different personalities for a reason, and these workshops will teach you how to discover a better way to communicate.

Erin Wilson, Realtor
Exit Realty Solutions
CELL: (713) 419-4576
FAX: (832) 201-5655
WORK: (281) 399-2099
EMAIL: Erin@ExitWithErin.com
WEBSITE: www.ExitWithErin.com
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